How Our Program Is Structured

All beginner students must go through and complete our 4 to 6 week Trial Program. The Trial Program was designed 50 years ago to find out if your child has the interest, ability and desire to learn to play a musical instrument.

Students are placed in a small group setting determined by age. Because they are all starting together from the very beginning, each child feels comfortable and immediately bonds with his or her classmates. There’s lots of laughing and student – teacher interaction.

WE DO NOT USE: LETTERS – NUMBERS – COLORS! Children are actually learning to read musical notation from the first lesson!

Within just a few short weeks children have a large number of recognizable songs that they can play for family and friends!

They will even be playing simplified arrangements of current popular music that they heard on the radio, on the way to class!

For additional information about our “4 Week Trial Program” we’ll even supply the instrument to use in your home RENT FREE!

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Advanced classes are for students that have successfully completed our “Trial Program” (LEVEL ONE) or have prior keyboard background.

Advanced students are placed in classes according to their age and level of proficiency.

Students work with traditional piano and organ material, however, we supplement this sometimes boring music with the music that your child knows and enjoys! Wouldn’t it be nice to see your youngster come home and actually sit down at their instrument without having to be told to practice!

Advanced classes, in addition to physically playing music, also include learning….

Harmony – Theory – Sight Reading – Sight Signing – Basic Composition Ear Training and Arrangement.

For additional information about our programs or a FREE EVALUATION of your child’s level and ability.

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